BETO SPECIALTY MATERIALS CO.,LTD. is a hi-tech company located in Harbin Hi-tech Development Zone. It is a leading manufacturer of photoluminescent pigment and photoluminescent safety signs in China. BETO has made a great achievement in the research, development, production and sales of photoluminescent products. BETO has 3 patents for its photoluminescent signs (ZL01241069.1ӢZL01241068.3ӢZL01241054.3). BETO is a government certified manufacturer of photoluminescent safety signs and street signs. BETO is also one of the drafters of ӡRules for Testing of Fire Safety Signs Part 3: Photoluminescent Fire Safety Signs). BETO has a good record in installing photoluminescent safety signs in the government major construction projects and installing place name and street signs in many cities.

At present BETO's products are exported to countries such as Australia, France, Canada, the USA, UK, Turkey, Poland, Malaysia and Korea.

BETO is proud of its first-class R&D team, sales team and its modern production facilities. BETO is striving forward to develop new products and new markets to realize its goal of becoming the world first-class company in the field.


A Leading Manufacturer of
Photoluminescent Products.

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